Workspace Essentials

All that you need to have at your work-space

With so many thoughts running through your head, it’s hard to remember them, so keep a notepad or a stack of sticky notes nearby. It could just be random scribbles, client names or phone numbers, but they are definite life savers.

Water: You must be surprised that water is part of this list. Water is your new best friend. Not only will it help boost up your energy, but clear your mind allowing you to focus on work. For those who feel very lethargic, drink water more often.

Touch-up: Keep a mini-beauty pouch within your reach, so that you can have a touch up whenever it’s needed. Meetings or events where you might meet important clients calls for a little blush and eyeliner! This doesn’t mean you have to fit your entire bathroom into the pouch, just pack the essentials. This doesn’t just include make-up, pack yourself a toothbrush and toothpaste incase you end up having to pull an all-nighter or have had too much coffee, maintain those pearly whites throughout the day.

Goodbye head-aches: Long hours and endless paperwork only lead to head-aches and migraines so keep a handy bottle of aspirin in your desk drawer. It’s a quick fix to an aching problem.

Inspiration: Surround yourself with positivity, motivate yourself to keep working. Decorate your work area with pictures of loved ones or inspirational quotes, things that push you to get work done. Work can get stressful but this can be your mental escape.

Escape the chills: If you can’t stand the AC and have no control over the weather conditions at your office, then your solution is your trusty cardigan. Not only is it fashionable, you can easily carry it where ever you go. It compliments any outfit effortlessly.

Be Odor Free: How can you avoid any case of B.O. or unholy stenches? Keep deodorant in your top desk drawer! Carry a mini-deodorant stick or perfume bottle to freshen up anywhere at any time. After all you know what they say. People can smell your confidence.

Wipe the grime away: This is for all your oily-faced humans, and sweating sweethearts. Sometimes you just find your face grimy and oily but washing your face at the office is messy business. Facial wipes are easy to use and throw. The best part is that they come in so many delicious flavors, so you can be the girl with a face that smells like strawberries, that’s not a bad rep.

Roll away your problems: You’re running into a meeting and suddenly you see the monstrous amount of lint that has now invaded your beautifully ironed blouse and black pencil skirt. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s just out of control. Tape is a quick fix for any lint or random specks holding onto your clothes. Having a lint roller makes you prepared for any lint related emergency.

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