Are Women Below 35 Most Stressed? Check What Experts Have To Say!

Are you at risk too?

According to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge, women, especially the ones below 35 years of age are at highest risk of anxiety. The review of existing scientific literature suggests that although both men and women below the age of 35 are disproportionately affected, women tend to experience anxiety disorders twice as much as men.

The global review suggested that the effect of anxiety disorders in individuals experiencing other health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer or even pregnancy is doubled. According to the study conducted by researchers which included 1200 reviews, people with other health problems are more prone to get affected by anxiety disorders when compared to the rest. For instance, women with multiple sclerosis showed higher anxiety levels when compared to men, according to the study.




As per author Olivia Remes, “Anxiety disorders can make life extremely difficult for some people and it is important for our health services to understand how common they are and which groups of people are at greatest risk. By collecting this data together, we see that these disorders are common across all groups, but women and young people are disproportionately affected. Also, people who have a chronic health condition are at a particular risk, adding a double burden on their lives.”

(The study is published in the journal ‘Brain and Behavior’ with inputs from ANI)

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