Why Do Many Women Struggle To Lose Weight Post Delivery?

Is there a solution?

Pregnancy is a life changer of sorts for a woman. She experiences various changes; in the routine, life style and of course the body. From loss of hair to constipation, the body takes a transformation. While most of the changes settle, the one thing that will catch your eye is the weight gain.

Weight gain during the trimesters cannot be avoided and more is added post delivery. While this is the most discussed topic amongst newbie mothers, hardly ever anything is done about this. Ever wondered why the post pregnancy weight gain?

Yes! A lot of mother’s love and a lot more food is the reason. While the baby’s well being is the prime concern and breast feeding the major source of nutrition for the child, the new mother is pumped and pampered with food. Though the diet is largely restricted, depending on the type of delivery, every house hold has a regime. Generous portions of ghee and other food portions are served to the new mom. We know it’s all in the name of love and therefore, we have no complaints!

However it’s not healthy when any of us is overweight and body shaming (which is quite common) affects the post-partum mental health of a new mother. So what do we do? Do we just blame biology and lay back? Or is there something that can be done to get back? Of course there is! Some effort, the desire to being healthy and to feel good is motivation enough. A healthy diet along with regular exercise is a great way to get the body back to shape.

There’s no rush, however, keep in mind that a healthy mother has more energy to deal with the hectic life post the arrival of the baby!

Though doctors suggest that new mothers must rest enough, a little bit of walking around the house and doing some minimal exercise will keep the mother healthy in her body and mind.

Don’t go overboard with diets post the delivery. Eat healthy and include exercise as said above for a happy and healthy baby!



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