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When Dhansika Forgot She Met Superstar Rajinikanth!

What a shock that must have been!

Dhansika is on cloud 9 as appreciations are pouring for her stellar work in Kabali. Dhansika plays Rajinikanth’s daughter in the movie, which is revealed in a very crucial part of the film. According to The Hindu, the actress forgot her first meeting with the Superstar! In an interview Dhansika says that, like the rest of cast & crew she was at Rajinikanth’s residence to meet the Superstar. The meeting was held so that the cast and crew can get comfortable with Rajini before they start the shoot. Dhansika was very nervous and Rajini came in and started interacting with with everyone, one by one. When her turn came, he said, ‘Hi Dhansika, I’ve met you before.’ Dhansika was stunned, it had just struck her that she had indeed met the star before this encounter. It was at the initial stages of her career and Rajinikanth was the chief guest at an event. One of the organizers had introduced her to Rajinikanth. As it was a very short meeting, it had slipped her mind. Dhansika says she was very ashamed and embarrassed that Rajinikanth remembered meeting her but she did not!

Poor soul, what a shock that must have been!

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