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We Cannot Get Enough Of Nayanthara’s Looks From Iru Mugan!

Check out her different looks in the film!

Iru Mugan is awaiting it’s big release on September 8th and we cannot get our eyes of leading lady Nayanthara! She plays Chiyaan Vikram’s lady love and sports a stylish look from what we have seen in the teasers and trailer.¬†Nayanthara¬†looks super sexy and leaves a lasting impression. Her sense of style has improved over the years and she is setting super high standards of fashion on the silver screen.



Iru Mugan is a Sci-Fi film and the trailer suggests that there is a deadly virus which is involved. Nayanthara was also spotted in the trailer as the victim of the virus.

Nayanthara looks stunning in the romantic song Halena! Here she is seen wearing a hat and curls!


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