Was The Baby Planned? 10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Hates To Hear!

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First of all, Congratulations on the pregnancy! Understand that it’s a beautiful gift and cherish each moment of this blessing. Now, ignore those kitty party auntijis or the sabjiwali bhabhi with their expert opinions on childbirth. Don’t stress yourself! Eat healthy and don’t deprive yourself! Whether you’re pregnant or have already delivered, here are things you must have heard and of course have hated the most!


  • “Labour pain is the worst pain ever... Oh cmon! Here’s a note to all the women who have said this; “Get a life”! To others, understand that the joy of seeing your newborn child is infinite times more than the pain you would have for a few hours! Almost every woman has gone through it and these days medical industry has evolved. There are a lot ways to give birth with minimum pain.


  • “Don’t eat too much, you will be a fat lump once baby’s delivered..Eat! Eat what you like, crave for and love! Make sure what you’re eating is not harmful for you and the baby! That’s all! You can lose weight once you have enjoyed the first few months with your newborn! If you’re already fitness conscious, exercise during pregnancy!


  • “A pregnant woman should not workout….Myth; a complete myth! You can talk to your doctor and take suggestions on the kinds of workout you are allowed to do. Then, talk to your trainer and do low-mild workouts! Many experts say, exercising women have more strength during labour.


  • “Your bump looks so weird.…Sin! That’s an absolute sin! Stay away from someone who says that! The baby bump is nothing to be ashamed of. Flaunt it!


  • “Do this for your baby, do that….blahhh! Na, you don’t need advice on how you should treat your child. Motherhood teaches everything and women are naturally nurturers. Of course you have your doctor and elders in your family who are readily available to advice you on your doubts. However, apart from these, don’t take rules and must-do lists from anyone at all.


  • “Have you decided which religion your baby would follow? What? Especially if you’re married to someone from a different religious background, you will definitely face this question either from your in laws or their so-called well-wishers. It’s none of any body’s business really! It’s a long way to go to see what your child believes in but don’t fall for these pressures and do give your child the chance to choose a faith he/she wants to follow at a certain age!


  • “Enjoy your sleep, you may not get any once the baby arrives….There should be a trial by combat (if you know what we mean) for people like these. You should sleep well and we’re sure you have already accepted that parenting comes with a certain baggage; like less sleep! But you don’t have to lose your sleep on this! Once you deliver, you’ll figure out how and when to take that nap!


  • “OMG..you’ve decided to go for a normal delivery? I think C-section saves the pain! No one decides how smooth or complicated your labour would be! If you have chosen to go through natural birth then stop listening to anti-natural advises. C-section is a surgery and is also not as painless as many women think! Prepare yourself for the delivery and for the rest, read point 1 again!


  • “Your bump is actually at a 90 degree angle; it’s surely a girl! Who is this person? An expert on mathematic-biological sums? Ignore them all! You must be already tired with the morning sickness and the regular mood changes. So don’t pay attention to this nonsense. Your baby is yours, whether it’s a boy or a girl!


  • “Was it planned or an accident?” How should it bother you?  You don’t have to answer these ridiculous questions. Let it pass!


Written By: Deepa Kalukuri

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