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Unbelievable! Priyanka And Deepika Charge 1.3 Crore For A Four-Minute Performance!

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If reports are to be believed, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone will reportedly get Rs 1.3 crore for a four-minute act at IIFA Awards 2016. International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) is all set to kick off and the two biggest divas of Bollywood will be performing for the awards night. The buzz has it that two actors will draw a hefty amount of Rs 1.3 crore each for their four-minute act.

According to a website, the Tamasha actress demanded Rs. 33 lakh for a minute and Priyanka has also asked for a same amount. A source said, ‘The organizers were in talks with many celebrities to perform on stage. They even conducted a research to find out which Bollywood celebrities are popular in Madrid and results showed Deepika and Priyanka top the actresses’ list and therefore, were ready to shell out a hefty amount to have them in their performance line-up. Normally, Bollywood girls are paid Rs 70-80 lakh for a stage act depending on their popularity and market value. The brand value of the two girls has shot up after they forayed into Hollywood and if they are asking for that much money for a performance, it is absolutely justified. The organizers have agreed to their demand too.’

Well then, they are Superstars after all!


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