“Triple Talaq Is Unconstitutional”: Allahabad High Court

“Violation of women’s rights”

The infamous tradition or ‘law’ of Muslim men receiving an instant divorce from their wives, popularly known as ‘Triple Talaaq’, has been termed unconstitutional by the Allahabad High Court. Echoing the Supreme court’s view, the court said,”the Muslim husband enjoys an arbitrary, unilateral power to inflict instant divorce” does not tie in with Islamic laws.”

The High court’s observation has brought in new hope among many Muslim women across the country who are unheard and have no rights to question the divorce.  Adding to the point, the court said,”Personal laws of any community cannot claim supremacy over the rights granted to the individuals by the constitution.”

Many women in recent times have joined the voices against ‘Triple Talaaq’ by stating that they have been divorced via social media and are left with no protection under our Indian constitution.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to have also expressed his views on the matter. Reports suggest that the government wants to work towards the issue and stand for women’s rights.

However, the All India Muslim Board has said that the government has no right to modify the Sharia law. According to reports, the government has stated that all decisions will be taken once the matter is discussed with the parties involved.


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