Top 10 Kollywood Movies Of The Year 2016!

A recap of the best movies!

A year which had a release of about 100 movies was a mix of different genres and storylines. A few story-based movies, a few star-based and a few box office collectors filled in 2016’s filmography. Here’s a collection of must watch movies of 2016 that made it to the top 10 movies of the year!

Irudhi suttru

Ritika Singh, Madhavan in Irudhi Suttru Movie Release Posters

The film was a refreshing boxing drama that tugged at everyone’s hearts. Madhavan played a boxing coach who stumbles upon Ritika Singh and believes there is potential in her to become a champion. What made the movie fresh was that it did not go about the usual Chak De route, instead the movie was funny with relationships and emotions playing a major role in the screenplay. The film did tick off issues like politics in sports and sexual harassment but did not dwell on them to make it a usual sports movie.




A brilliant political satire that exposed the loopholes in our system with a pinch of humour. Director Raju Murugan who made his directorial debut with ‘Kuckoo’ is known for the way of presenting ‘drama ‘ and he has once again proved himself with ‘Joker’. The casting and music added spirit to the story, which the film was most praised for. The exposition and an interesting flashback had the audience engaged throughout the movie. The protagonist ‘Mannan’, who takes interest in social issues is considered as a retard. But when his past is revealed, the director made sure that the audience would be able to feel the agony and helplessness that the character faces in the movie. Irrespective of its collection at the box office, the movie was successful in having communicated the intended message of creating awareness about the importance of sanitation. Salute to the director for bringing out an issue that was not thrown light on.




Superstar Rallnikanth’s Kaball was easily the most hyped movie in the recent times with first day first show ticket pricing soaring rocket high. Thalaivar fans thronged the theatres to watch their favorite star in action. Even though the movie opened to mixed reviews, the film was a blockbuster hit! The movie has the highest worldwide opening day record for any Indian movie. While the movie disappointed the audience with its execution and screenplay, it still managed to bring numbers at the box office.


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