TLC tips for your luscious mane

Shiny tresses imply healthy hair that relies on a proper diet and good old fashioned TLC! Here are some tips to pamper those locks!

Knowingly or unknowingly women end up abusing their hair to an unbelievable extent. The use of chemicals in huge quantities can cause hair fall, hair thinning, dryness and loss of luster in addition to genetic problems, if any. Of course, chemicals are not the only factors that cause hair problems; a lot of the harm done can be attributed to changing lifestyles too. People definitely have become nocturnal: working graveyard shifts, partying into the wee hours of dawn and eating at odd hours are just some of the evils that can cause stress, resulting in damaged hair.



Normalize oil secretions, dandruff and itchy scalp.
Stimulate blood circulation, metabolize cells, prevent hair fall and thinning.
Remove the impurities settled in the pores helping repair damaged hair thereby.
Restore the essential oils through re-hydrating therapy that helps provide moisture to hair.
Rejuvenate and reconstruct colored hair, dull and dry hair, split ends and brittle hair along with revitalizing the scalp.


Hygiene and cleanliness always play an important role in choosing a spa. It is always best to check with friends or read reviews about the place you wish to visit. Check with an expert on what treatment would best suit your requirement before you visit a spa so that you can be sure you are getting what you need.


Models swear by Keratin treatment for saving their hair from blow drying, stubborn curls and frizzing. Though the treatment requires chemical to work miracle it sure does not smell like a chemical based product and is like a magic potion for de-frizzing knotty hair. The treatment is popular in the west as ‘Brazilian hair treatment’. So while the treatment is an advanced form of straightening that prevents future curling it also simultaneously restores and restructures the hair by infusing a blend of hydrolyzed keratin deep into the cuticle. The result is renewed smoothness and shine that lasts up to five months.


The age old hot oil champi followed by steaming, masking and rinse thereafter still rules. While the steps remain the same what has changed is the availability of high end hair products that can help you indulge as well as maintain your hair within your wallet’s confines and the luxury of home. All that is required is tender loving care to have a clean scalp and lustrous hair.

1) Massage equal portions of warm castor, neem, olive and almond oil on hair, followed by a mask of fenugreek seed paste for an hour. Shampoo wash your hair and before applying conditioner apply freshly scooped aloe vera on your hair and scalp and leave for five minutes; follow this up with a conditioner and rinse off. This home spa treatment takes care of itchy scalp, dandruff and helps maintain the shine on your hair.

2) Fenugreek seeds and curry leaves boiled in coconut oil and bottled make for your own homemade hair oil. Apply the oil twice a week followed by an egg white, lemon juice and curd mask for thirty minutes. Rinse, condition and wash and finally pour a small portion of vinegar mixed in a mug of water as a last wash and let it be. Religiously follow the procedure twice a week and it will help in remarkably improving brittle hair and split ends and preventing hair fall.

3) For extremely damaged hair apply Cathardine oil mixed with a vitamin-e capsule. Apply oil to full length and wrap with a hot towel and leave for half hour. This works well to rejuvenate dull and lifeless hair.


A hair spa is certainly important for hair care and if followed as a discipline can help curb several hair issues that might develop with the passage of time and advancing age. However these are only external measures; healthy hair would require the least amount of tending if a proper mineral and vitamin rich diet is consumed. Green leafy vegetables, mint, cilantro, basil, carrots and squash are vitamin packed that provides natural shine.


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