This Video Showing Actual Depth Of Our Oceans Will Blow Your Mind Away!

This is scary!

We must have all heard about the record Hollywood director David Cameron achieved by diving into the deepest part of the ocean. However, did you know that that’s not the deepest? David reached up to 35,756 feet and that’s not it. After that, many unmanned submarines were sent by scientists to find out whether any living being existed in the darkest part of the ocean. There were 350 species existing in one of the deepest ocean spaces between 1995-2003. But that’s not the shocking part; there are more than 1000 undiscovered species living in the deepest surface of the ocean.

Here is an animated video bringing the utmost fear and excitement:

While people are already planning to visit Mars, we have forgotten that our beautiful ocean is by itself left undiscovered!

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