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The Queen of hearts – Trisha

It has been over a decade and she has still got what it takes– women love her and men still go crazy over her!

In an industry that epitomizes patriarchy, where actors continue to reign as heroes for a minimum of three decades while actresses rise and fall in the blink of an eye, things have turned out to be a little different for this firebrand. It has been over a decade and she has still got what it takes– women love her and want to be like her, and men still go a bit wonky when they see her on screen, they really cannot get enough of her. Trisha Krishnan has a breezy chat with us about travelling, food, what life is going to be after she is done with films and plenty more. 

Why is a balance between work and life so important to you?
In the initial 3 years of my career, I was working 30 days a month, doing 12 hour shifts and I literally had no time for myself. Somewhere along the way, I made a conscious decision that at least twice a year, I would take off. Whether it was travelling to some part of the world or just staying at home, I decided to allocate some time for myself. When you are working and doing nothing else, you wake up one day realizing that the days have just flown past and you have missed out on important days like a best friend’s wedding or a cousin’s birthday and that is when it hits you that a balance is important. Right now things are not that crazy; I am only shooting for two movies at a time and I still have around ten days of free time, which is great!

What is the secret behind your long, reigning career?
Honestly, I think I have been extremely lucky. Today it is very hard to sustain in this industry, because there are new girls coming in at the drop of a hat. But when I started off, I think being a star was still an exclusive thing; there were only a few of us around, working on good films. So I started off at the right time. Also, I think as a person I am a very approachable. I am in constant touch with people through the kind of charity work I do or through facebook or twitter or even on the phone if someone wants to talk to me. My approachability has definitely worked in my favour. I take part in a lot of events and I interact with people during movie releases much more than other actresses do and I think I have reached a point in my career where I cannot do just about anything and everything; it is much more than being an actress, people expect a lot from me.


Is it also because you are disciplined?
Absolutely! I was educated in a convent and I had a very strict upbringing. Being punctual in this industry is very important. If you end up going for a 10 am shoot at 1 pm, your director is not going to be too thrilled about it, is he? I believe that respecting other people’s time will lead you to a brighter future. And as far as being disciplined is concerned, I don’t think I need to take care of myself only because I am an actor. I think looking and feeling good should be important to anyone.

Rumour has it that you are quite the foodie…
It is not a rumour, I live to eat. I can eat just about anything and everything and the days of dieting and resisting food are long gone. I like trying out different cuisines and I am adventurous with food. But as you get older it is good to have a reality check. I come from a family of people who are extremely health conscious. My mother, for her age, is extremely fit; she works out every day and eats correctly. So I eat everything under the roof but in correct proportions.

You are quite the mommy’s girl, aren’t you?
She is my friend more than anything else and there is nothing about me that she doesn’t know. Whether it is choosing films based on scripts or the financial aspect of it, she has always been around. I like the fact that my mother is an active part of my professional life. Of course, we have our bad days like any other mother-daughter duo, we fight and argue but she is still my biggest support system. I have had managers and PR firms working for me, but there are things that I like to keep between us when it comes to work.

What is a typical mother-daughter fun day like?
My mom also loves to travel. Last birthday, both of us went to Switzerland. She is not a night person! She loves doing things during the day – so we took long walks together, figured out the place by ourselves, and both of us are foodies so we ate at cafes and tried out different restaurants. Unlike before, I get to spend more time with her. So we do things that any two friends might do – watch a movie or television shows! She loves animals and that is another thing we have in common.


Is marriage anywhere on Trisha’s radar?
I definitely want to get married but I don’t know if I am really ready. People can say what they want, question marriage as much as they can, but I think it is necessary and it completes you as a person. So I want to get married, have kids and all of that.

It is also about finding the right person, isn’t it?
Of course! And even if you have found the right person, you cannot just jump into it, right? I mean, it is marriage at the end of the day and you cannot be wishy-washy about it. You have to wake up to the same person, every single day, the rest of your life. So it is important to be sure.

Now that you have cut back on your work, what are your future plans?
It is something I have been giving a thought to these last two months. I have always wanted to do a short course. I have believed that if you want to do something, go the whole hog. I love food and I want to explore the food industry, probably open a restaurant. But I don’t want to randomly start something just because I have the capital. I want to do it properly, probably do a course in restaurant management. Whatever it is, I know it is going to have to do with food, it is my passion!

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