“The Dhanush I Fell In Love With Is Back”- Fan Review Of Pa Paandi

Rajkiran and Revathy shine!

Dhanush has not had it easy in the past few months. He has been embroiled in a lot of controversies lately and looks like this New Year might turn out better for the Kolaveri star. His directorial debut Power Paandi, aka Pa Paandi released across the country today and has soon impressed critics and his fans. Dhanush’s die-hard fan Reena Matthews writes about her experience as she watches her favorite star take on the Director’s seat.

“First things first, it’s been a long time I’ve watched Dhanush in a role which touched my heart. He was always known to have been an honest and simple performer. For the past few years he has acted in some movies I don’t even want to talk about. However, looks like with ‘Pa Paandi’ the good old simple actor is back. Though the movie’s real star is Rajkiran, who plays the older self of the young Dhanush, he just steals your heart with such a beautifully portrayed story. Rajkiran is undoubtedly the hero of the movie who tells you that first love is never forgotten and love is beyond age.

Dhanush is multi-faceted and now as a Director he charms you with an ordinary yet relate-able story. I don’t want to give out spoilers but in a gist it’s about an ageing and powerful, (just like the name) Paandian Pazhanisami, who stays with his loving son, Prasanna and his family. His son is generous and exactly the opposite of his father. Power Paandi after a scuffle with the former, goes out on a journey to find his first love, Poonthendral (portrayed by Madonna Sebastian and Revathy). When he finds her, the rekindling of romance will melt your hearts.

In an extended cameo, Revathy proves she’s a legend and leaves you wanting for more. As the younger couple, Dhanush and Madonna are sweet and simple. The moment Dhanush comes on screen, you can’t help but fall back in love with him. His role in ‘Pa Paandi’ tells you why he’s a popular star. He doesn’t have a huge role and lets Rajkiran be the hero of the movie. Rajkiran deserves all the praises he’s receiving for his role in this movie.

It’s an out-and-out family entertainer and the climax will touch your heart. The movie is filled with emotions and though there’s nothing ground-breaking about the script, the screenplay and performances make it a must watch.”

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