Tangerine is the New Black!

Try different shades of tangerine and play with the Spring favourite!

For decades black has been a safer option for majority of women. It makes you look slimmer, suits every skin tone and all the designers have played around with zillion different styles of the LBD. However, why stay safe and boring when you could go colorful and swanky? Try tangerine, this shade of orange is bold and definitely makes you stand out even in a crowd of bright colors. By Deepa Kalukuri.



New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 saw doses of orange all over its ramp. Proenza Schouler, Anna Sui, Marchesa, Hugo Boss, you name it and they have used bright and soft shades of tangerine for their collection this fall. Traces of tangerine were seen on bags, accessories and couture as well. Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Suki Waterhouse have also been spotted wearing tangerine. Kim Kardashian best known for her wacky outfits was a lover of tangerine this entire Paris fashion week season. Closer home, fashion diva Sonam Kapoor has been spotted wearing tangerine Anarkali, saris and accessories during her movie promotions.


There are dozens of different shades of Tangerine. If you are confident that you can mix the outfit with complementing colors and accessories, then you are about to leave a forever mark on people’s minds. Understand that every shade of orange is bold. If you are not the one who likes bold colors but still wants to use it, then there are softer shades of tangerine. If you choose to wear a tangerine dress, then pair it with nude accessories. Go for nude pumps and beige bust belt or just a chic watch on your wrist. If you like to stick to your good old LBD, then try a tangerine belt or a pair of tangerine pumps.Sport a denim jacket with an orange skater skirt for a sweet style.You don’t necessarily have to wear the tango trend, you can carry it too! You are just a pop of color away from setting this season’s hottest trend. Team a tangerine handbag with your outfit or wrap it around as a scarf to get the hot summer look.Drowning yourself from head-to-toe in flashy tangerine will make you look like a pumpkin- stay on trend with less, by adding just a flash of color to your outfit. Hot orange teamed with white works like magic and if you throw on some silver or navy accessories, they create the perfect summer ensemble.


If your friend or your stylist tells you that a certain color may not suit your complexion, pay a deaf ear to them. It’s an age old myth that certain bold colors like orange or yellow do not suit the brown skin tone. Colors work very well with any complexion if styled right. Dusky, dark, olive, wheatish or fair, all skin tones do justice to all colors. Many designers have experimented and have been successful in breaking this myth. American fashion houses have for years had models of all ethnicities and they have never been shy of using bright bold colors on their models, irrespective of their complexions. Tangerine is the color of the rising sun. You can’t really go wrong when it comes to nature. Forget about these unfriendly advices and go grab that piece of orange.


Your age has absolutely nothing to do with the kind of color you choose. If you do choose to play around with tangerine, don’t let your age prevent you. The color will display your youthful attitude towards life. Whether you choose to wear a tangerine sari or a formal gown, you’ll get it just right if you style it with the right accessories and makeup. Play around with your bangles or your necklace if wearing a tangerine sari. If you choose to wear a Tangerine gown, then go for pastel accessories. You could tie a bun and dress it up with a tangerine hair clip or a flower for that retro look.


“Tangerine is one of the most vibrant fresh summer shades that is in trend this season. It is a versatile color that suits every skin tone. It can be paired with almost every shade and print. For those who still feel shades of black and white are your comfort zones, you can try pairing them up with a tangerine leggings or a nice pair of orange pumps. So tip for the season — go bold, go tangerine! For those who are hesitant, go black and white with a dash of tangerine,” says stylist Sandeep Ravi.


What could be a better excuse to pick tangerine than the festive season? Our festivals are all about bling, color and vibrancy. Replace those pinks, reds and greens with shades of orange. Remember Deepika Padukone from Ramleela? Her outfits were all about color and yes a lot of tangerine.


Incorporating tangerine into your makeup is the latest trend but it can also be very challenging. There is a very fine line between looking hot and that of a clown. Choose a shade of orange lipstick that suites your skin tone; if starting off with bold lipstick shades is too much for you, begin with neon orange nail paints.

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