Swathi Was A Soft Spoken, God Fearing Girl, Says Her Sister In An Open Letter

‘Let us not unnecessarily tarnish the image and the character of the unfortunate departed soul’

An Infosys employee, Swathi, was brutally murdered at the Nungambakkam Railway station in Chennai by an unidentified person. Five days after the incident, her sister Nithya writes an open letter to counter the numerous rumors that have been floating around about Swathi’s character. Here’s the full text of the letter: 


Well, I know, I can’t clear or clarify all the speculations raised against Swathi. As her elder sister, I thought I will share some facts about her. She was such a childish, soft-spoken, God fearing, semi-traditional, bubbly and poised girl. 

She did not step out of the house without reading Sundharakandam, Thadipanjagam and putting Acharyan archadhai in her head (sacred rice). While commuting to the office by train, she regularly listened to Vishnu Sahasaranamam. 


As her office is on the way to Singaperumal temple, she often visited Narasimhar temple and also our Acharya Mudaliandan Swamigal in Thirumaligai. While returning home she didn’t fail to visit Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Choolaimedu. 

Born in Srirangam and raised in Chennai as per the Iyengar traditional values and beliefs, and as a family, we love travelling and have visited many temples, without compromising on tourists’ spots. The last trip with her was to Masinagudi where we got lost in the middle of wilderness and nature. 

She loved nature and had done a couple of treks including one to Mukurthi peak. She was very attached to the family, both direct and extended. Her friend’s circle was very limited and didn’t entertain any unnecessary drama. 


Having said this, it is really shocking to see the speculation about her. I also request public not to create any new posts in her name or for her as it might add to the existing speculation and confusion with regard to the case.

It would be great if people can stop speculating and start praying for her. All I request is for a permanent solution for such unfortunate incidents to prevent them from recurring. Let us not unnecessarily tarnish the image and the character of the unfortunate departed soul. Let us not allow the #spiritofchennai to die.


For some unknown reason, no one came to her rescue, but let this pass. Going forward, let us take an oath in our own little way to help one another. Also, I want to remind the public that it isn’t only the responsibility of the government or the officials’ duties to safeguard the country and the citizens.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of ourselves, others and the country. Together we can achieve a lot. I am very sure this incident is going to bring a change in each of us. Proud to be an Indian and always love Chennai. Jai Hind. 

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