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Style Files with Andrea Jeremiah

Andrea Jeremiah opens up about her shopping endeavors and her sense of style. 

We all know that singing and acting are Andrea’s biggest fortes. But this lady can also dress to kill, a skill that doesn’t come naturally to many heroines. If you want to steal the show without trying too hard, Andrea is the woman to watch out for, as she believes in simplicity when it comes to her sense of style.

Trend Breaker: I don’t bother keeping up with fashion trends. I don’t subscribe to any fashion magazines, so I am blissfully unaware of what the latest trends are! I just buy clothes that look good on me and those that suit my body type and complexion.
At Home:My pajamas! Whenever I’m at home, I’m always in my pj’s.

Desi Girl: There is nothing quite dramatic and elegant as a sari. Though I have to admit, I always worry that some part of my sari is going to slip down!

Colour Mantra: You will find every color in my wardrobe except neons. I’m not much of a neon person. Mostly, I stick to basics and I love wearing white, black and shades of red.

Jewel Assets: I’m not much of a jewelry person. But a few years ago, when I was going through a difficult time in my life, a family friend gifted me a pendant from Israel. It symbolizes the hand of God. Ever since I started wearing that pendant, I’ve always felt protected, so I never take it off except while shooting.

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Shopaholic syndrome: Of course I love shopping. What I don’t like is the guilt that follows!

Shopper’s Stop: London! I know it’s an expensive city, I know that shopping anywhere else is cheaper, but it’s just the greatest feeling to walk through the shopping district of London. Also, I’ve found that a lot of British brands like Karen Millen suit my body type, so I tend to shop a lot more when I’m in London.

Ms. Brand Conscious? If I see something I like, then I will buy it; it doesn’t matter if it’s branded or not. I’m a bit particular about brands only when it comes to jeans, bags and watches. That’s mostly because certain brands of denims suit my body type and with bags, you get a certain kind of lasting quality with brands that you just don’t get with street wear. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for! If you pay a pittance for something, chances are that the fabric won’t be of great quality and it won’t last beyond a couple of washes.


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Designers I love: When it comes to Indian designers, I like Cue and Gauri & Nainaka for western wear. When it comes to Indian wear, it would have to be Sabyasachi. When I’m abroad, I shop everywhere! But when it comes to dresses, I prefer Maxmara and Karen Millen. All my jeans are from Armani or Seven for all mankind. And my shoes are from all over the place! And someday, I would love to wear an Ellie Saab creation, they are simply breathtaking.

DREAM DESIGNERS: I have a list of directors that I want to work with. Fashion is not so high on my list of priorities that I have a list of designers I wish to work with!

FASHION FAUX PAS: I don’t like dressing in a way that cries out for attention. I believe that less is more.

MOST INSPIRED: I admire Deepika’s sense of style, because she never looks uncomfortable in whatever she wears. She has a great body and a great stylist as well I’m sure!

LAST BUY: A pair of shoes from Prada ! I got them in Paris.

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