Stand Proud As India’s First Women Fighter Pilots Take Charge!

June 18 will mark a great day!

Bravo to Flight Cadets Bhawana Kanth of Darbhanga in Bihar, Avani Chaturvedi of Madhya Pradesh and Mohana Singh of Rajasthan as they create history! These three inspiring are passing out of  Air Force Academy in Hyderabad on June 18 we couldn’t be prouder.

“Night flying was exhilarating. I remember the small puffs of crackers bursting 1,000 feet below on my first take-off. During my first sector solo sortie at night, blinding lightning left me frightened. As I descended, I encountered clouds. I faced difficulty in discerning between the stars in the dark sky above and the small clusters of light on the dark ground beneath. I was unable to keep a connect between the instruments and the visual indications of the aircraft altitude. I recalled what my Instructor had taught me: ‘No unnecessary head movement, switch over to instruments, trust your Instruments.’ I disregarded the visual indications and continued the descent, relying totally on the instruments,” Mohana said while speaking to the Tribune India.

Cadet Avani who pursued her BTech from Banasthali University said,”I want to fly the best fighter aircraft and learn more and more each day.”

Adding to the proud moment, Cadet Bhawana said,”It was her dream to “fly like a free bird”. “I want to be a good fighter pilot and make my country and parents proud.”

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