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Sonu Nigam’s Street Singing Video Goes VIRAL!!!!! Must Watch!

He Dressed Up As An Old Man And Sang On The Streets!!

Sonu Nigam is one of the most talented singers in Indian cinema! He’s always known to be humble and down-to-earth in real life. Sonu recently took to the streets of Mumbai and did a social experiment. He was dressed as an old beggar and carried a harmonium along. He sat in a corner and started singing some of this most popular numbers.

Though many of the bystanders stopped by and appreciated ‘the old beggar’s’ talent, none knew it was Sonu Nigam! One of the spectators came by, recorded his song, appreciated his voice and also gave him Rs 12 for breakfast! Sonu spoke post the experiment and said he was humbled by the gesture. This video which was posted last evening has gone viral all over social media! This will definitely leave you in tears!


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