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Sonam On Aishwarya’s Purple Lips: She Wanted To Be Discussed

Sonam finally reacts!

The one last person we have all been waiting, to comment on Aishwarya’s purple lips controversy has finally spoken up! Sonam Kapoor was one of the Indian celebrities who attended Cannes film festival this year. Sonam too as Aishwarya represents the fashion brand L’Oreal and both of them walked the red carpet in Cannes for the brand. Aishwarya wore purple lipstick to her last red carpet appearance in Cannes and the internet exploded, from memes to fashionistas furiously discussing whether it was a right move or not.

Last to comment on the issue is Sonam and the actress while speaking to PTI  said, ‘The whole idea of fashion and make-up is for people to discuss it and I guess she wanted to be discussed. She achieved what she wanted to achieve with it, which I think is great. I don’t think she walked for L’Oreal that day. There was an Amul ad on it, people were discussing it. I think it was great to do it on a 15th year, it’s cool. She was trending everywhere. I have done purple lipstick in the past, I have even done black for a shoot… People haven’t spoken about me!’ 

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