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Snacks That Are Delicious And Healthy!

Have a healthy and happy snacking time!

Snacking isn’t always a bad idea. Here are some delicious and healthy alternatives to chips, chocolate and other yummy but unhealthy snacks.

Had one of those days that just won’t end? Or maybe your day has been peppered with problems? The temptation to drop the diet and snack on a packet of chips seems irrationally strong. We have all been there. Healthy snacks do not have to be boring ones. Here are some deliciously healthy snacks that will boost your energy and leave you feeling fighting fit.




Go Apples and Bananas

There are few things that are as good for you as fresh fruit. Apples and bananas are chock a block with antioxidants, fiber and Vitamin C. Oranges are also great for the same reasons.  They are easy to store since they require no refrigeration and only carry around 80 to 120 calories, depending on the serving. Berries are also a good option as they are fruits with low sugar.




Not Just for the Movies

Popcorn is surprisingly healthy. It is a whole grain and has high fiber content, ensuring that you feel full. Low fat popcorn, minus the butter and other flavorings save for salt, is easy to prepare and has the advantage of being low on the calorie scale. So the next time you’re at the movies, eat your popcorn guilt free.




Nutty Affair

Walnuts and almonds are not traditional snacks but they are some of the healthiest. The nuts contain good fats which ensure that you stay full after munching on them. They also have fibre and important nutrients such as Omega-3s, Vitamin E and Selenium. They are the perfect snack to slip into your handbag and munch on during the day. And the best part, one ounce gives you about 160 calories – a definite energy boost!


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