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Singer Chinmayi Shuts Down AR Rahman Haters With Just 4 Tweets!


*Image courtesy: Buzzfeed

It came as a shocker when AR Rahman’s concert was hated by many in the UK followed by a massive walkout which was quite unnecessary. The concert which was named ‘Netru Indru Nalai’ – which basically in Tamil. While ARR sang 20 Tamil songs and 12 Hindi songs, the crowd got quite intolerant about the Tamil songs and decided to walk out of it. Many since then tweeted about the disappointment they had on hearing Tamil songs and went to an extent of requesting for a refund.

This did not go well with people in South India – many condemned the boycotters for their petty behavior. To join them was singer Chinmayi who basically shut down the boycotters in the sassiest way ever. \

Tweet 1:

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