Singam 3 Fan Review: “When Will Our Actresses Get A Chance?”

Did Suriya make his fans happy?

The expectations were high for this film, especially with its multiple delays; Was the wait worth it is the big question? After the success of the first two prequels, ‘Singam 3’ has a similar strain of the story line. A powerful cop is called upon to take care of the criminals. Strategically recalling scenes from the first two parts of ‘Singam’, brings the connect to this third franchise of the ‘Singam’ series.

Although the plot is evident at the very start with no element of suspense, the movie keeps its audience engaged by Surya’s action packed presence as ‘Durai Singam’. Punch dialogues reflecting patriotic sentiments powerfully delivered by ‘Durai Singam’ was well received by the fans. Extensive use of technology in the movie perhaps used to give the film a Hollywood feel was a good effort in vain. Like the other franchise of this series, Singam 3 also deals with a social cause. The “universal cop” of course sets everything in order at the end.

Surya was introduced as this fearless cop by director Hari in ‘Singam’, the first part, where he was seen as a normal young man striving to make a mark in the force. ‘Singam 2’ saw ‘Durai Singam’, establishing himself as the no-nonsense cop handling drug trafficking criminals. His assignment was to catch Danny, the kingpin of the racket, in South Africa.

In S3, the action shifts to Australia where ‘Vittal’ , the stylish English speaking villain operates. His high-end handling, using the network as his tool, was different from the regular villains. However, Vittal(Thakur Anoop Singh) does not make an impression with his acting skills.

This action flick has the signature gesture in all the fight sequences. In fact, the climax fight scene has actions similar to the ones we saw in Suriya’s another film climax (7aum Arivu). As for the ladies in the film, Anushka Shetty’s role is insignificant and her presence is only to maintain the connection to the prequels. Shruti Haasan plays a Journalist, who falls in love with ‘Singam’. Her attempt to help Singham is a refreshing twist to the story. The comedy track dominated by comedian Soori, is a regular fare. Although they have little screen time; senior actors Sarathbabu, Radhika and Suman are impressive in their roles.

‘Singam 3’ tries to roar, leaving the audience with a hint of yet another sequel. It is clearly Surya all the way; loud and clear! What bothers you at the end of the movie is that a male protagonist always takes the cake and the rest of the supporting cast goes unnoticed. Anushka Shetty is a huge star and not using her for a stronger role opposite a ‘larger than life’ character like Durai Singam is such a waste! Hopefully, this norm will change in our films.


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