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Samantha Disappointed With Brahmotsavam?

Movie failed at the box-office!

Uh-oh! The talented Sam is not very happy with her latest realease, Brahmotsavam! According to an interview given to Gulte.com, the actress expressed her disappointment on the failure of the Mahesh Babu starrer movie! A lot of expectations were riding on the much-awaited movie which could not impress the audiences.

In a candid interview, the star said,”Well, I can’t say am happy with a failure. Hits make me happy and flops definitely make me unhappy.” When she was asked about being named as Trivikram’s muse, she clarified,”I’m being called as Trivikram’s muse. Am being called as Gautham Menon’s muse. Am being called as everybody’s muse. Just because I work with a director again and again that doesn’t mean am a muse.”

Reports also suggest that Sam is not more accepting cliched roles and wants to do something different. She will soon be seen A..Aa! and by the end of this year, Samantha will star in Vada Chennai, as a slum-dweller! Can’t wait to see her onscreen!

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