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Radhika Apte Lashes Out At Reporter Who Asked About Her Leaked Tape!

Watch: Radhika Apte giving a fitting reply to the reporter!

Radhika Apte’s sex scenes from the movie Parched was leaked online and the clips went viral. The actress who is somehow in the midst of controversies, did not take it lightly when a reporter asked her if the leaked tapes were for publicity. The reporter asked,¬†‘Is it necessary to be controversial to be successful.’

She said, ‘Controversies are made by people like you. I’m an artist, if I’m required to do a certain job, I will do it. People who are ashamed of their own bodies, have curiosity about other bodies. If you want to see a naked body, look at yourself in the mirror, rather than my clip.’

Watch Radhika’s fitting answer:



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