Qualities That A Girl Should Have While Entering Womanhood

With brave wings she flies!

Being a woman is more than a physical thing. Womanhood is not a phase that you enter into but a phase that you develop over a period of time. Entering womanhood adds responsibilities and demands maturity in life. As a girl, decisions were taken for you; As you enter womanhood, you get to make decisions. To make the right decisions for your life, you require few qualities that must be inculcated from young adulthood.


Being semi-independent



You can neither be independent nor be dependent. Growing up makes you an adult but not wise. So take advice from elders before making decisions. At the same time don’t wash your hands of your life decisions to the elders. You are gonna take responsibility for your decisions, so learn to choose them in balance.


Being intelligent



This calls for a lot of smart work! Being intelligent can’t be learnt from or taught to someone. It develops from your day to day activities. Reading books, engaging yourself in productive activities, feeding your creative mind and a bit of exercise or yoga are ways that make you mentally active and fit to be intelligent.


Being able to earn and manage money



This is one of the most common mistakes made by Indian parents and educational systems. The habit of taking up a job post-teenage is never part of parental teaching or curriculum. A girl entering womanhood should be confident enough to go in search of a job and find the right one for her. A job is not just a matter of money. Earning money is a process that teaches you a lot. Every penny that you earn and spend matters to you as you know the hard work you had put in to earn it. Adulthood is the phase of life where both men and women spend the highest. Earning money can help them manage money and gives them a picture of how money handling would be in the future. Moreover, taking care of your own expenses or contributing to the household can earn confidence and self-respect.


Taking responsibility for your mistakes



Freedom comes with responsibilities. So take responsibility for the mistakes that came as a result of your own choices. Whenever you make choices, choose them wise and hope for the best. But be prepared for the worst as well. Crying over  mistakes are not gonna help you in bits! Instead, learn from them and get over them.


Ability to handle problems



Problems can be of any sort. It can be personal or interpersonal or peer group issues. As you enter womanhood, you would have already been trained to face the difficulties through your deadlines, workloads, assignments, tough teachers and bosses. So, rather than crying over your difficulties, gather courage from the past experiences where you succeeded after crossing hurdles. You are capable of handling problems, the only thing that you require is to realise that you are capable.


Ability to socialise



The ability to socialise has been inculcated in us since playschool! We have made friends in schools, colleges, summer classes and every other course that you had taken up. But when it comes to work, most of the women suddenly fall prey to meekness and fear of socialising. The ability to socialize comes with confidence and a positive attitude.









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