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Priyanka Chopra: Don’t Take Success For Granted, It Goes Away In A Wink

Hear it from the Superstar!

Priyanka Chopra thinks that all the fame and glory achieved by her will go away one day. Her incredible journey from being a beauty queen, a Bollywood star, an international singer and to now a Hollywood actress is nothing less than inspiring.  Priyanka has some wise words for us!

‘I believe that you have to be who you are. I don’t take success for granted. Nobody should. It goes away in a wink. I am sure it will go away with me also. But I am someone who is an achiever, so you just have to be able to evolve into different things. Young people should not restrict themselves to one thing. They should not think that there is one thing so I should only do that. We live at a time when anyone can do anything, be anything at any age. You shouldn’t shut down the possibilities, you need to have an open mind.’ 


Well said PC!

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