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Parineeti Chopra: I Am A Fat-To-Fit Story

‘I was 27 and couldn’t wear a pair of shorts’

Having been on a weight losing spree, actress Parineeti Chopra felt the pressure of Bollywood to be in shape but she is now happy to be fit.

‘There are women who are pregnant or are dealing with post pregnancy weight, or teenagers who are obese, from across the world, (they) want to know my story. I am a fat-to-fit story. I have struggled with my weight. I was big and unhealthy, not chubby. I took it upon myself to work towards this. There was pressure of Bollywood to bring me on right part.’ 

The 27-year-old actress now eats and sleeps well.

‘I am fit now. People need to be fit no matter what size they are. I was big and unfit. There are dancers in New York who are big but flexible. It took me a year-and-half to reach here.’ 

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