My Husband Did This To Me When I Was Six Months Pregnant!

Love and sex are not the same!

AkkarBakkar has revealed a story that will make us wonder if love could ever be transparent and true completely. This story of a six months pregnant woman will make you realize a lot of things in life.

“My husband and I had a love marriage. We both were working and staying away from home. We got introduced, fell in love and then started living in together without the knowledge of our parents. We did live together for more than 3 years before finally tying the knot in front of our family and friends.

But the journey from live-in to marriage was a roller-coaster ride. His family was dead against our marriage since we came from different states. On the other side, my parents were not against marriage but they were continuously pressuring us into settling down. Since his family was against marriage, my parents thought that eventually, he would also dump me.

But at that time, he stood like my pillar of strength. Sometimes I thought of giving up but he never lost hope. His commitment and love towards me were unconditional. Finally, he convinced his family and we tied the knot. Life was beautiful post our marriage, until the day I got pregnant. After marriage, we began our new journey. Our married life was just perfect. Yes, there were some ups and downs but that is in every marriage right? He was an ideal husband. He used to help me in every household activity – cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. Everything was our work without any gender-specific division.”

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