“My Father-In-law Is Cheating On My Mum-In-Law. Should I Tell Her?”

Will the family fall apart?

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What do you do when someone you love is cheating on someone you call family? Or when both the parties are family? I was married to my loving and caring husband 2 years ago. We live with my in-laws and have a beautiful family.

We all go out together and spend as much time as we can with each other. Dinners are with the entire family and we never hide anything from one another. But all of it changed that one afternoon! I was on my way to parents’ house when I stopped by at the petrol station. I noticed our family car and was surprised to see it pass by when I knew I just saw it at home before the left. I called my husband and he said he was at work. I don’t know what I thought, but I knew it was not normal as my dad-in-law never takes car rides. For a split second (yes am guilty), I thought may be it’s my husband who’s lying to me.

I followed the car and I knew there were two people in it. I instantly called my mum-in-law if my husband came home to pick up the car; she denied and said it’s my father-in-law and he left for a get together with his old friends. I had all reasons to believe, but that one feeling of curiosity made me follow my dad-in-law. I was selfishly relieved that it wasn’t my husband, however, the feeling of my FIL lying to my MIL was running on my head.

After a 20-minute drive, they went into a housing society. I waited discreetly to see who the woman was. To my shock, it was my mom-in-law’s sister. I found it disgusting to see them together, but for a moment I thought may be am wrong. I knew my mother-in-law was not on good terms with her sister, and my father-in-law has not met or spoken to her in years, so I was told.

What were they doing together? I came back home with unanswered questions and I did not know if he was cheating. I couldn’t tell my husband or my mother-in-law. I was adamant on finding out the truth. I started my investigation and found out they were indeed having an affair. I am not sorry that I checked his cell phone. Then one fine day, I followed them to the same house and decided to confront them.

I was shocked to know, that my widowed ‘aunt-in-law’ was in fact my father-in-law’s second wife. He secretly married her and kept it hidden for over a decade. I respected my father-in-law, however, I felt I was a part of this lie when I promised them that, to protect the family I would never speak about it.

It’s been just a week and I can’t get over the guilt. If I tell my husband or my mother-in-law, the family that I love very much will fall apart. Writing this letter is my way of lessening the burden. I don’t know what will I do in the coming days, but I can’t live with this lie!


Mrs. R. Sharma, Hyderabad. 


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