Must Read For Every Married Woman! 7 Things You Should Know About Your Husband!

A Key To A Happy Married Life!

Relationships, they say are complicated! Really? Are they so complicated that there’s no simple solution? There is! Whether it’s a relationship or your workplace, it gets only as complicated as you make it. Husband and wife are not just mere roommates, they’re two people seeking happiness from life and sharing it together and nurturing it!


Men and women are made differently and what is it about these two genders that makes marriage so complicated to understand? It’s nothing actually! Every man is different but there are some qualities which is the same in most of them. Read on and see what is it that he says to you even though he doesn’t say it through words.


  • You have arguments with him when you say I love you and he doesn’t? He doesn’t need to! He may be saying I love you a number times through his actions and not his words. If he just hugs you at the end of a tiring day, helps you do your household chores, holds your hand or even just cuddles you middle of the night; All these mean he loves you and doesn’t need to put it in words all the time.


  • If he doesn’t talk much or react on everything doesn’t mean he is not interested. Men many a times process things in their mind and don’t find the need to discuss if it’s not a problem. If there is something absolutely necessary and he isn’t responding? Just communicate it to him during dinner or  while you head to bed. You’ll sleep better.


  • Yes, we believe Men are absolutely independent (thanks to our centuries old patriarchal beliefs), but the truth is, they do feel needed even to this day! They may not say it fearing your reaction, but men do feel great when the wife includes him in her decisions and plans. Make him feel important.


  • Don’t interfere in how he wants to spoil the kids with new gadgets or frequent mall trips for games. Men have a different relationship with their kids and he doesn’t need instructions on how to take care of the babies! You can share your opinion if you think something’s not right but don’t force him.


  • No matter how much it’s bothering you, make sure you don’t pounce on him about tons of issues to solve as soon as he comes home after a long tiring day. It could be that you are the one who had a long day at work and some family or personal issues are bothering you. Since both the partners work these days, it’s understandable that you are bothered about work and home too, but keep calm and don’t stress yourself. Take a nice hot bath (you won’t believe how much it helps) have dinner, sit by the window and discuss it once you are both at peace!


  • Men don’t like topics which are puzzling and gives them a feeling that you are beating around the bush. If you doubt there’s an issue between you both, then come straight to the point. Don’t bring up past issues to step up the ladder on a current one!


  • Finally, he will say he doesn’t care about how dressed up you are or how much you weigh. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to make an effort to please him. We’re not saying you should go size zero or glam up but you will feel good about yourself if you’re fit, healthy and active. It’ll help your sex life and trust us, he will love it if you take an effort to bowl him over on a romantic date night!


Written By: Deepa Kalukuri

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