Movie Review: ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ Adds A Meaningful Twist To A Commercial Story!

A one time watch!

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sahil Vaid, Yash Sinha and Shweta Basu Prasad

Director: Shashank Khaitan

Are you expecting to watch a commercial masala film just like the prequel ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’? Go ahead and watch it. However, you will be surprised at how fresh the romance is and how different the story is. Badrinath Bansal (Varun) is a resident of Jhansi and a spoilt second son of a rich father. Having the mindset of a typical rural young man who doesn’t really understand the value of a woman. While Alia, on the contrary, is very daring, bold and does not fear to voice out her opinion. Amidst all the romance, Alia fights against all odds of the society. The movie talks about a range of serious social offenses like dowry, wanting of a boy child and a woman not allowed to work post-marriage.

All of it nicely covered from a youngster’s  point of view is lovely. Varun being the perfect ’10th pass’ rural youngster initially, starts stalking Alia and tries everything to make her accept his marriage proposal which she does not. He ultimately makes his best friend who owns a matrimony site to make him talk to Alia’s parents because “usse kya poochnaa uske Ghar wale maanenge toh wohi kaafi hai”. The journey begins with romance and ends in romance but what comes in between has won the hearts of many.

While Alia has given a stellar performance, we have already seen many of her’ brave girl opposing the society’ role (remember Highway and Two States?). However, the one excelling in performance was Varun Dhawan. He was mesmerizing and his acting was mind-blowing. It is never easy to show an on-screen mental transformation but he anyway did owning up to the situation.

Yes, the story was not anything exceptional but it was also not completely commercial. No harm in appreciating a director who took the effort to induce the importance of a career in a woman’s life adding some commercial humor to it. In an era where movies glorify stalking, falling in love in all the wrong ways possible, objectifying a woman and making her look dumb in front of her “intellectual” hero, this was definitely not one of these and that is why it is definitely a movie to watch.

Stars: 2.5/5

verdict: Watch it for a decent story, a refreshing romance and most of all, Varun Dhawan.

Written by Radhika Ramesh

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