Men love foreplay too!!

8 Ways To Initiate Romance In The Bedroom!

If you think foreplay is something just women enjoy then think again. Men equally like to indulge in foreplay and the obvious fact of course– if you give more, you get more. Getting a feel of his ‘goose bumps galvanizing spots’ should be a key in your foreplay agenda.


A nuzzle here, a nuzzle there, a playful bite, a lascivious lick, a lingering clench – the list of what you can do to a man’s body is endless. But all this arousing innuendos would go in vain if you are not hitting the right spot. Just like how every woman’s bodily needs are different, every man has specks of sensitive wires running through his nerves which when played with, will transform a whisper into a scream.

From Feet to Frenzy

Rip his socks off, squeeze out some lotion and start massaging. This should end up being a perfect prelude to lovemaking. Also, the ancient practice of reflexology believes that the heels bear pressure points which can stimulate the sex button in a person’s brain. If you are kinky, try suckling on his toes and indulge in a gentle nibble now and then but don’t forget to ask him to clean his feet dry before you do so.

Erogenous Ears

From wistful whispers to a tender bite, there is nothing more sexual than fiddling with a man’s ears. And the great thing about going for his ear is that you can always catch him off guard and men love that. Fingers sometimes speak more than lips, so start off by placing your thumb and index fingers on the spot where his ear lobe connects to the tissue near his face and then slowly pull down and let your fingers slide away, then start all over again.

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