Meet India’s Youngest Pilot Ayesha Aziz! Flying High Since She Was Just 16!

She will soon fly commercial planes!!!

She always dreamed of flying since she was a kid and her dreams realized when she received her pilot license at just 16! Mumbai girl, Ayesha Aziz is India’s youngest pilot and has definitely set an example to young and impressionable girls of her age. Now at 20, she told the media, “More than being India’s youngest pilot, I am happy for having accomplished my childhood goal.”


ayesha aziz 1


The proud achiever was also invited to visit NASA, but she says her dreams came true when she met Indo-American astronaut Sunita Williams. Ayesha joined a flying school as soon as she finished high school and received her student licence when she was 16. Due to financial constraints, she couldn’t complete commercial training, but that din’t stop her from achieving her goals. Once Ayesha completes the 200 hours of flying, she will receive her commercial license!

Well done, Ayesha!!!!

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