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Make heads turn at work

Here are a few pointers that can guide you to choose your corporate wardrobe.


The first thing to do is to look around you and understand the dress code followed at your workplace. Get a hint about their definition of ‘professional’ clothing. Understanding of the dress code means being observant right from your interview. Observe what employees wear, especially your potential team leader or could-be boss. If you see employees in denims and cargos, then you can take it to mean that the dress code is more casual. If they are dressed in blacks, blues and browns, it means it is more of a formal setup.


If you are not comfortable wearing pants, don’t! There are options like pencil skirts and kurtis. Spending around 10 hours at work, you need to wear clothes that do not make you feel uncomfortable. Workplaces do not appreciate distracting clothes. Avoid skin show and clubbing clothes like cropped blouses and miniskirts. So choose your wardrobe appropriately. Avoid cheap prints and tailoring. Your couture speaks a lot about you. Play it safe with trousers, skirts, blazers, kurtis with leggings and smart sarees.


Yes, we know they are cheap, easy to maintain, comfortable and ‘cool’. But many companies frown upon the idea of wearing denims. So wear your denims during weekend shopping and road trips. 


Formal shoes sans bling are a must in your wardrobe. Stick to blacks and browns. It is not necessary for you to wear heels. It might be hard to walk in. But if you want to stick to the professional uniform, choose a pair of sensible low heels. Also, stick to close toed shoes. This can save you during your ‘bad feet’ days when you would need a pedicure desperately.

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