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“Legal Notice To SPB Is Foolishness”: Gangai Amaran, Brother Of Ilayaraaja!

Gangai Amaran lashes out at brother Ilayaraaja!

The music director turned politician and the brother of Isaigyani Ilayaraaja, Gangai Amaran lashes out at his brother for sending a legal notice to S P Balasubramanyam. The sibling in an interview with News 7 said that it was utter “foolishness” of Ilayaraaja to send a legal notice to his own dear friend SPB and forbidding him to sing any of the composer’s song did not make much sense. It is also noted that this is not the first time Gangai Amaran has spoken against his sibling. Their multiple and numerous clashes were the reason why the two moved into different paths.

This was Ganga Amaran’s response after SPB wrote a message on social media. However, Ilayaraaja’s copyrights consultant E.Praveen Kumar told The News Minute that everyone has misunderstood the situation. “We are not compelling orchestras or musicians who are surviving on Ilaiyaraaja’s music to pay up royalties. We are only concentrating on people who are earning lakhs or crores by using his creations. SPB is not doing charity shows. They are minting money and the composer doesn’t get 1 rupee. It his work and creation,” he said.

“They are friends. He could have spoken to Ilaiyaraaja and gotten rights to perform,” the consultant concluded to The News Minute. It was in the year 2015 when Ilayaraja protected his songs and compositions with Copyrights from Radio stations and TV Channels. In a statement earlier, the music director said, “Only I hold the right to all my songs. The agreements that I signed back in the day were valid only for five years. Since they were not renewed and no royalties have been paid, all agreements stand void. I will share the royalties with the lyricists’ and directors.”

SPB is currently doing a concert in Toronto with the tour named SPB50 which was designed by his son. He has been doing a world tour since August 2016. While Gangai Amaran is representing BJP in the upcoming R K Nagar by-poll elections in Chennai.

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“SPB Has Created A Situation Where A Legal Notice Had To Be Sent.” Ilayaraja’s Consultant!