Kerala Women Respect Sabrimala’s Traditions And Are Ready To Wait

#ReadyToWait: Kerala women launch counter campaign!

Women across the country were happy with Mumbai High Court’s verdict to allow women enter the inner sanctum of the Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai. Again, the debate of Right To Pray has to the fore. Now all attention is on Sabrimala, where women of a particular age group are not allowed access to the popular temple. Women activists in the country have been fighting to gain access into the ancient temple. The main deity of Sabrimala is a Sanyasi and therefore menstruating women cannot enter the premises and worship Swamy Ayyappa. Kerala women have now launched a counter campaign to protect the traditions of the Sabrimala temple. Women are saying that they are ready to wait till the age when they can enter the temple. The #ReadyToWait Campaign urges women to be the decision makers in the matter.

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