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Kajal Agarwal’s First Lip Lock Scene Is With Randeep Hooda

For ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’

Kajal Agarwal who has a ‘no kissing’ on screen policy was surprised when Randeep Hooda when ahead and kissed her during an intimate scene for Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. Kajal was not okay with it and withdrew from the scene and took a break. The director of the movie, Deepak Tijori, later made Kajal understand the essence of the scene. The director was quoted as saying, ‘Sure it did take Kajal in a shocking zone, and she did back off calling for a cut, but later on once I had explained to her the significance of the lip lock, she surrendered herself to the script, and went on to do the scene with all the passion she could put in.’

What a dedication Kajal!

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