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John Abraham Finally Speaks About His Wife Priya!

The couple is rarely pictured together!

John Abraham has never spoken about his wife in media ever before, but when he did he made sure that all women became envious about his wife, Priya Runchal who holds a rather powerful position in her man’s heart. John dated Bipasha Basu for almost a decade and not very long after their breakup, he married US-based investment banker Priya. The couple have hardly been seen or pictured together, so much so, that there were many rumors of them separating! But, the gorgeous heartthrob squashed all rumors recently spoke about his wife like never before.

During a conversation with the Entertainment Editor of a chief tabloid, John said,”Now she has joined me and handles everything, from my management to finances. She’s a good teammate, my partner in everything, but doesn’t like to go to too many functions. Anyone else in her place would love to come out in a red gown and walk the red carpet, she’d rather concentrate on credible causes. While some flaunt their partners on Facebook or Twitter, I hold her in high regard… Priya has a strong sense of self. She doesn’t want to be called an actor’s wife, she’d rather make her own space. She’s not enamored by the glamour around, her biggest strength is her simplicity and that’s something I find attractive across the board.”

Quite a lovely response!!!

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