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John Abraham Fed Up With Clarifying Divorce Rumors!

Check out his response!

Every few months John Abraham’s divorce rumors crops up and John has been defending them for so long. John and his wife Priya Runchal are in a long distance relationship and we suspect that is the reason these rumors mills have a field day with the couple. Priya is an investment banker in the U.S. the two married married in 2014. They have been travelling to and fro and John says they are very much in love!

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‘I don’t even feel like talking about this any longer. I mean, how long can I even continue clarifying things? Every other day, there is some rumour or the other. Let people say what they have to. I’m tired of repeating what I’ve already said. I’m tired of justifying things, telling people what is true and what is not.’

Poor John!

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