Hyderabad Woman Divorced By Husband On WhatsApp!

Will there be a change?

Triple Talaaq has been a hot topic of discussion lately among the government officials and Muslim religious organisations across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi opined recently in an interview that Muslim women should receive justice and triple talaaq should be abolished.

However, the government’s move has received mixed reactions and looks like has not been a topic of discussion in many Muslim households. Hyderabad woman Badar Ibraheem was shocked to receive a WhatsApp message from her husband stating that he has divorced her. When she tried speaking to her in-laws, the doors were shut on her and she was told, she would get a better groom and that the marriage was ‘an accident’.

Badar has filed a case against the divorce order after she received ‘talaaqnama’ in post. The stunned victim of the triple talaaq practice told NDTV, “Such people should be jailed and the court should not release them on bail.”

Her husband Mudassir works in Saudi Arabia and the couple were married in February 2016. There are thousands of women across the country who have been divorced online and the practice has been condemned by many Muslim women groups within the country.

Muslim Personal Law and the Indian Constitution have different fundamental rights for the women and is being debated in the Supreme court.

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