How To Be Naughty At 40!

Pro tips!

Love is in the air and it ‘s time to remind cupid of a revisit!With innumerable life lessons already under your belt,there is no better time to make the best of your relationship than when you are in your forties. Romance is evolving and age is just a number, it is still not late to feel special and loved.

When was the last time you heard these magical words “I Love You”? Often among couples especially those married for over a decade, love is taken for granted.Most Indian womenare married in there twenties. By the time they are in the thirties, career and kids would have taken away the time and attention.  Romance and sexual relationships seem to have faded away thereafter. It’s never too late to re kindle that spark and there could be no better time of the year than the month of February. Let love blossom as the flowers bloom in spring. Revive romance with your partner and let it last forever.

Love yourself first: Self –esteem and self-appreciation is important. If you do not love yourself how will your partner love you? Forget that you are 40!

Be at your sexual peak: Focus on your special asset and flaunt it. Your confidence and the way you carry yourself, will attract your man multifold. So strut away and ignite that fire in him.

Change your Tactics:Women after 40 are just not great at changing what they are used to. Tune your partner to your emotional state by letting him know how you feel. It’s good to talk and share your feelings.

Reverse Psychology: We can be overwhelming at times and that distances the man. Give him some space. The support and understanding shown will bring him closer to you sooner that you expect.

Compliment him: Let your partner know that he is very special to you. Men too love to be complimented. Appreciate him and his contribution; make him feel he’s the best.

Finding love after 40 is not impossible. On the contrary, women are at their best in their forties. It is in fact the best time in your life to nurture true love and a great relationship.Love really does find you when you’re not looking for it and it can come to you in different ways. Romance can last forever, rekindle it and do not let it fade away.


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