Here’s What Women Expect In Bed!

Keep these in mind, boys!

Passionate and sensual kisses, exploring and experimenting with each other’s erogenous zones will get you more intimate with your partner and there is no better way to achieve this than foreplay. 

 There is a common belief that when it comes to lovemaking, men are selfish considering they are more worried about satisfying themselves than concentrating on how to please their partners. As a result, many women are foreplay-starved and end up with unexciting sex lives. The honeymoon period is the time to impress and get impressed, and it is the time to learn about one another. While some believe that impromptu sexual encounters without foreplay is great, most think that a good sexual intercourse begins with foreplay, which increases the pleasure for both partners.


Why is it a big deal?

Women are programmed more differently than men. Whilemen are visual creatures who can get turned on at the sight of a naked woman, women need that tender loving care and touch to feel erotically charged. Studies have shown that women need foreplay more than anything else—it is a romantic communication for them as it includes a wide range of activities like hugging, kissing, petting, biting and oral sex. Also, sufficient foreplay ensures that women are aroused and ready for sex—it helps in lubricating the vagina and reduces friction during intercourse and ensures pleasurable sex.

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