Had A Hostel Life Ever? Here Are 10 Things Only You Will Relate To!

Hostel life is the best and there is no denying it!

Hostel life is such a precious part of one’s life. It makes us completely independent. However, there are a few really hilarious things which each person who spent considerable time in hostel would have done. Here’s a list of 10 such things.


1. You are so used to water stopping while you’re half way in your shower that you no longer worry if you have a clean bath anymore.

2. If your friends ever come to visit you in your room it’s not because of the love they have for you but for the junks that secretly reside in your bag.

3. Most of the time, you actually forget about the bucket full of clothes lying in your bathroom until your fellow hostel mates come barging through your door complaining about your stinking clothes.

4. Instant noodles are your saviour food items.

5. You’ve locked your wardens’ room at least once from outside so that you get to enjoy that most restricted new years’ eve with your friends.

6. Study, has always been in groups (except for nerds) where you discuss politics, films, social issues and anything else other than academics.

7. Saturday nights are so meant for partying. Even nerds spare their precious time for some interesting gossips and horror flicks over a drink if not for a full-fledged night party.

8. Hostel life transforms you into super heroes, who can actually teleport themselves from bed to class in less than 5 minutes.

9. Surprise-visit from your parents is your worst nightmare. You go around running like mad-dogs to clean the mess in your room until the very second they step inside.

10. Most of the time you suffer from insomnia due to your late night talks which you more than manage to compensate under your bench during classes.

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