76-Year-Old Grandma From Kerala Has Stunning Martial Art Skills!

Doesn’t look a day more than 50!!! Bravo!!!

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Kerala-based grandmother¬†Meenakshiamma is not your ordinary grandma from the block. The 76-year-old delivers some really stunning skills in Kalaripayattu.¬†Meenakshiamma’s this video has been going viral and none of us can believe she’s anywhere close to even 60. However, proving that age is just a number, the Vatakara resident is slaying it like a boss.

The septuagenarian has been practicing since she was just a 10-year-old girl and in this video she’s showcasing defensive moves against a man half her age! Millions across the social media are just amused by her strong physical strength and classy moves! Check out the video!


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