5 Fashion lessons from Barbie

Sartorial tips from a doll that style critics labelled a fashion disaster? Sure, why not?

Most of us have definitely felt heartbroken at one point or the other whenever the world bestowed condescending remarks on our favorite childhood companion. But our dear Barbie has taken barbs like ‘blonde bimbo’, ‘anorexic beauty’ and ‘bleached bombshell’ in her stride and marched into the hearts of millions. And contrary to the epithets she has been tagged with, there are a number of fashion lessons to be learnt from Barbie.



Barbie has been dismissed casually on many occasions and criticized heavily on others for her size zero fixation. What have gone unnoticed in this brouhaha are her other assets: her endlessly long legs, voluptuous bosom, impressive height and enviable waist. While achieving a Barbie like figure may not be feasible or wholly desirable, her almost perfect proportions definitely do egg us girls on to sweat on the treadmill and dump those delectable French fries to get back in shape.


Even her harshest naysayer would agree that her long, lustrous locks are to die for. And while most of us are busy chop-chop-chopping our curls off citing lack of time, Barbie has been the brand ambassador for luxurious tresses. Her hair has grown in length, volume and luster over the years inspiring us to try and achieve Rapunzel like locks.


Right from her blonde chignon to her pedicured feet Barbie oozes charisma and poise. Flexibility seems to be her middle name. Dress her in a blingy lehenga or drape her in a saree; adorn her in a ballroom gown or put her in a bikini, the Mattel maiden is completely at ease with her sexuality in any look. Her confident demeanor does teach us that comfort and attitude are the keys to sartorial success. So flash those pearlies, put your best foot forward and conquer the world.


From florescent pinks to dazzling greens and yellows, no one carries off neon colors and bold patterns better than our miniature fashionista. Bright colors become Barbie and add an extra edge to her personality. The graphic prints and glittering colors in our wardrobe owe their existence partly at least to the Barbie influence.


Her best accessory may be her arm candy Ken but her elegant clutches, the belts in metallic hues, vivid pumps and booties make quite a statement by themselves. Barbie’s amazing collection of assorted accessories to complement each ensemble emphasises how important it is to garnish apparels with colorful titbits. It is time to replace our one-for-all handbag and monochromatic jewelry set with a healthy variety of vibrant trinkets and totes.


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