Dora Review: It’s Nayan’s Show All The Way And Dora Is Not The Car !

Nayan all the way!

Directed by Doss Ramasamy and Produced by A. Sarkunam, Dora is a refreshing attempt at a horror movie after Maya. Breaking the stereotype of a typical horror film, Dora is all about avenging a bad deed done and the one who is all out to seek revenge is the surprise element.

The story is about Nayanthara, who plays an innocent girl Pavalakodi. As a challenge to her paternal aunt and in response to insults hurled at Pavalakodi and her father, Pavalakodi buys herself a vintage Austin Cambridge car which turns out to be possessed. The connect between her and the car and the events that unfold keeps the audience in their seats (though not at the edge!).The flashback that reveals and adds a twist to the plot is one storyline, while on the other hand there is a cop who investigates the murders and burglary that runs parallel as another plot. How the revenge drama unfolds with both these stories combined is what ‘Dora’ is all about. Thambi Ramaiah as Nayan’s father brings comic relief. As always his antics and dialogue delivery as a caring, affectionate dad although entertaining at the start soon becomes an overdose.  Harish Uthaman plays a police officer and the scene where he comes as a prospective groom rejecting Pavalakodi as a probable bride was absolutely irrelevant.

It was Nayanthara all the way. Simply attired all through the movie her style and elan shows her as an artist who has come as long way. The scene at the police station where Nayanthara’s effort at playing an “Anniyan” was indeed a commendable scene.Referential BGM from superstar’s songs and her mass appeal makes her the ‘superstar woman’. Nayanthara’s dubbing catches your attention the minute you hear it and the dialogues delivered in her voice adds depth to her character. The actress is using her own voice since ‘Naanum Rowdy Thaan’.

Dora ‘s horror moments is rather too dramatized, somehow there is a  miss- match in the shadow portrayed and the owner of the shadow in the so-called scary scenes. The A certification is really not relevant, “Dora” is a name that all children relate to and this could have been a good entertainer for the below 18 category, perhaps the adult plot in the flashback and violence gave it the certification of an adult movie.

Overall not as “Horro-ible” as one would expect. Besides the Car being the hero, it’s Nayanthara’s show all the way.

Verdict:  An entertainer for all Nayan fans.

Rating: 2.5

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