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DooPaaDoo, A Novel Initiative By Madhan Karky

You get paid to listen to songs!

The hashtag #DooPaaDoo is trending on social media as Madhan Karky launches his new online portal for non-film music in India. The most sought after lyricist in the Tamil industry has been busy the past year to create this portal with his friend Kauntheya.


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What is DooPaaDoo?

It is a multi-language online music portal to promote and encourage non-film music and musicians. The independent music scene in India is finding it difficult to survive as film music dominates the music industry. This portal will help talented newcomers to be noticed and recognized. It will also showcase the independent songs of established music composers. Mainly, it caters to listeners to get to know good music which does not feature in films. Karky believes that this portal is a step towards anti-piracy of music content.

The portal is one of a kind as it pays it’s listeners for the music they hear. Users get paid for the songs they listen to through an internal wallet which later gets converted to Paytm Money. This is to help new talents solely rely on their skills to be noticed and by paying the listeners, this will be a huge step towards piracy-free music. DooPaaDoo does not own any of the music but just has the rights to feature their songs in the portal. And not just that, the music creators also get to earn money for showcasing their talent.

Madhan Karky has already roped in A.R.Rahman, Arirudh, Santhosh Narayanan, Imman and Andrea to showcase their experiments with independent music. They own the royalty to their music and earn money according to the number of listens a song gets. For now, the portal is launched with only Tamil music but will expand its scope to Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu songs over the next few months. DooPaaDoo aims to tap the potential of college bands and other independent composers and also tries to shift the listenership from film music to more independent music.

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