5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Is The Best For Your Skin!

For super glowing skin!


Appearances may matter, but in this case they are secondary. For at first glance it may seem hard to believe that a plant full of thorns and which looks non edible is such a powerful health and skincare tool, but the truth is that the humble aloe vera is packed with Nature’s goodness. You could be someone who has overly sensitive skin and want to know how to tame it. Alternatively, you might be a person who spends a lot of time in the sun and wants a remedy to cool down after a hard day’s work. Again, you might be suffering from severe acne. Whatever your woes may be, aloe vera has a cure for them all and with no side effects.



Aloe vera is used as a moisturizing agent along with vitamin E or glycerin. It can also be used as a cream to apply overnight. Application of aloe vera as a moisturizer before putting on makeup can prevent the skin from drying or cracking up. Aloe vera’s moisturizing properties do not give the skin an oily feel so it can be used on oily skin with equal ease. The next time you buy a cream from a cosmetics store, check for aloe vera on the ingredients list.


Aloe is suitable for those whose skins have large pores and works well to soften acne scars as well. The wonder herb’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help the skin heal fast. Magnesium lactate present in aloe helps to reduce the itching sensation caused by acne. Its astringent property removes excess oil and dirt from the skin to prevent further acne breakout. It reduces the size of inflamed nodules to relieve pain caused by the swelling.


Aloe vera provides pollution protection and reduces the harmful effects of the sun. So if you love hitting the beach but are scared of damaging your skin just use a sunscreen that contains aloe vera and stay beach beautiful. Magnesium lactate of aloe is also effective in treating skin rashes and sunburns.


The flip side of most pregnancies and weight loss regimes is unsightly stretch marks. Rubbing aloe vera gel directly on the affected parts helps in lightening the marks and brightening the skin. Make a mixture with one-fourth cup of aloe vera gel, oil from 10 vitamin E capsules and oil from five vitamin A capsules. Rub this mixture onto the skin until fully absorbed. Repeat this process daily.


Aloe Vera is synonymous with hair care as it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is used to treat dandruff and an itchy scalp as well. It has properties similar to menthol and that is why it works to cool the skin and the scalp. It also works well in preventing hair loss and in promoting shine and moisture in the hair.


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