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Dhanush Wins The Paternity Case!

A sweet surprise for Dhanush!

Dhanush had been stuck in a legal tangle where a couple claimed that the star is their son who was born to them in Government Rajaji Hospital as  Kalaiselvan. Although Dhanush had filed a petition to sublime the proceedings of the case saying that it was a clear case of blackmail, it has again resurfaced where Dhanush had been asked to produce all the certificates which prove that he was schooling in Chennai and not in Madurai.

The hearing took place at the Madras High Court today and Dhanush entered the Court along with his parents. The case started with the couple from Madurai submitted a transfer certificate issued by the Head Master of the Melur Government which had details of the identification marks Dhanush had. The actor submitted a proclamation statement that had proof he did not possess any mole on left clavicle bone part or a scar on the left elbow.

The Government Rajaji Hospital’s Dean Vairamuthu had submitted the reports to the High Court and so did Madurai Medical college’s Principal Meenakshi Sundaram earlier on March 2, which was examined by Justice P N Prakash. “Dhanush was examined in daylight and also using torchlight without using any eraser and only water and spirit,” the report read while concluding that ‘there was no mole over his left collar or scar in his left elbow. It said ‘it was possible to remove a small superficial mole completely, but not a scar using even plastic surgery. At the most, its size can only be reduced.’

After all the drama in Dhanush’s life created by the couple, the actor has finally won the case against them. The Madras High Court today quashed the petition demanding maintenance from the actor.

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