Detox in just 3 days!

Lose weight and feel better in just 3 days with our easy Detox program!

It is the right time of the year to look gorgeous and feel fabulous. It is the time to go from drab to fab. Get rid of all the negativity and achieve a more magnificent ‘you’. Here is everything you did not know about detoxing, plus a bonus 3 Day Detox plan that is easy and effective.



As complex as it may sound, detoxification just refers to our body’s internal cleansing process. It is the removal of toxic substances from our body for better mental and physical health. Detoxification is the best way to undo the damage caused by environmental pollution, chemicals, smoke etc. It can be performed in different ways under the supervision of a doctor to remove the dangerous effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. It is like a restart button that cleanses and energises our body.

According to weight management and wellness expert Dr Amrapali Patil, Nutrition CEO at Trim N Tone– The Obesity Clinic, “Detoxification kick starts the body by getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated over a period of time. Just like we need brooms and mops to clean our house, we need certain agents or substances to cleanse the body of the ‘dirt’ or ‘toxins’ that have built up in our system, sometimes, over years. By doing so, we tend to restore the balance of pH in our body which could have gone astray. This recharges the liver, strengthens it and removes impurities from blood. As a result the body tends to take in the vital nutrients that help us to boost our immunity and at the same time add a glow to the skin.”


At-home detox treatments are simple ways to start the regime and thus are becoming extremely popular. There is no better time than now to cleanse your body. From juices to essential nutrients, detox today is the most effective method of rejuvenation. Whether you wish to lose weight or rejuvenate your mind, a good detox will help in giving you positive energy and zest. “Most people are under the wrong impression that detoxification means severe fasting or consuming just fruits or raw veggies, or drinking only juices or lemon water. This is harmful to the body and can leave you feeling dizzy, irritable, sluggish and depressed,” believes Dr Patil.


A week before you start detoxifying, start cutting down on the alcohol, tea, coffee, chocolate, refined flour and dairy intake. Increase your consumption of citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Give yourself a good amount of rest and avoid taking too much stress. Sleep well and clear your mind. The process can cause headaches and mood swings. These effects are only temporary, but it is always advisable to detox during weekends and holidays. And always remember to seek medical consultation before detoxifying.

Dr Patil’s 3 Day Detox Diet Plan


Breakfast: A cup of green tea, lemon or basil tea. A bowl of clear vegetable soup (any 3 to 4 veggies of your liking).

Lunch: Salad made of fruits (preferably apples as they contain a good amount of fibre) and vegetables (3 to 4 veggies of your choice)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Snack on any fruit. Avoid sugary fruits. Apples are the best but you can also snack on a bowl of mixed fresh fruits.

Dinner: Boiled veggies (avoid potatoes) and mixed vegetable soup


Breakfast: Ginger tea. You may add a dash of lemon to the ginger tea.

Lunch: Salad made of any three or more boiled vegetables.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: Snack on a small bowl of fruit.

Dinner: Steamed vegetables or Miso/ vegetable soup.


Breakfast: Basil -lemon tea or green tea

Lunch: Stir fry veggies – use only a few drops of oil for this.

Mid-Afternoon Snack: A small bowl of fruits

Dinner: Miso soup/ mixed veggie soup, boiled veggies and yellow moong dal with a little salt (no tadka)

The Body Scrub Effect

Foods such as saturated fats from meats, eggs etc. tend to choke the skin and prevent the passage of oil and moisture through the skin. Over a period of time these get into our circulation and impair the free flow of blood. Body scrubs help in activating our blood circulation. They rid the body of dead skin cells allowing it to breathe more freely and sufficiently thereby facilitating blood circulation. The skin becomes soft and it glows too. The body can be scrubbed with the help of a washcloth / towel dipped in warm water. The cloth should be rubbed on the skin gently yet with sufficient vigour.

Detox Your Mind

Your mind needs detoxification too. There are no rules for this. You need to keep yourself happy and focus on your spiritual wellbeing. Get a new haircut or a spa treatment, take a quiet walk in the garden, start reading a new novel or indulge in a manicure. Every time you have a negative thought, focus on a positive outcome or solution. Stop worrying about things around you. Try to remain optimistic and see the better side of everything. When you are feeling particularly low, meditation and yoga will definitely be helpful in refreshing your mood.

Some Useful Tips

Pranayam will help in channelising the negative emotions.
Chew your food well.
Exercise regularly.
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid fruit juices. Instead opt for whole fruits.
If you feel hungry between meals, eat fruits and boiled vegetables.
Say no to oil and spices.
Keep a positive frame of mind and keep yourself happy.
Be patient.

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